Blended Essential Oil Kashmiri Nargis(15ml)


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Filling the home with fragrance is a timeless Indian tradition. The scent of the Kashmiri Nargis flower has a beautiful floral scent that helps your sense feel balanced.


Soothing scent helps to reduce stress and elevate your mood.
Pure fragrance is naturally dispersed into the environment through evaporation, bringing a wonderful fragrance into your space.

Key Ingredients

Grape Seed Oil
A very light and unscented oil that is often used as a base or carrier oil.
Vitamin E
A natural preservative with anti-oxidant properties that protects from UV rays and pollution.
Nargis Essential Oil
Essential oil from the exquisite and fragile Nargis flowers that are collected from the snow-clad valleys of Kashmir. Also known as the Poet’s Daffodil, these flowers provide a sweet essential oil with toning properties and a deeply alluring fragrance.

How to use

Refresh the Air with Nature’s Fragrances

Pour a few drops of oil into the diffuser burner.

Use a few drops in a diffuser burner with water to uplift your surroundings with a natural scent.


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